Behind the Reflection 1

Alawar Entertainment (Freeware)

Behind the Reflection is a hidden object adventure game developed by the company, Alawar Entertainment. The player takes on the role of a woman who goes on a mission to find her son, who got lost inside a strange mirror. The game’s story starts with the mother and son enjoying a beautiful summer day, a moment that ends a little too soon. When the mother pauses to take a call on her mobile phone, the boy wanders off to a nearby spot. As the mother checks on her son after the phone call, she is shocked to discover that he has been swallowed by a magic mirror. The mother must now go inside the mirror to look for her son and get him back home.

The player must explore the parallel universe inside the mirror and look for random objects in order to find clues to the whereabouts of the boy. In the hidden object games, the player is tasked to look carefully around mildly cluttered rooms and locate strategically concealed items on a given list. Another type of game requires the player to look for object fragments and out them together once the pieces are found. These items are going to be used later on in the game to unlock other objects and levels.