Beetle Bomp


Beetle Bomp is a game whose main objective for the player is to exterminate all the insects on the playing field to avoid plague. The storyline starts with an unexpected escape of beetles from a top secret laboratory which cause Lyle the electrician and Martina the insect expert to fear the possible occurrence of a plague. Insects in the game include bugs, bees, butterflies, and centipedes which are found scattered anywhere on the playing field from the mills, farms, and plants. The beetles can be found on 15 different locations: Hard Knox Farm, Dream Field Park, Metropoland, Dusty Trails Forest, among others.

Beetle Bomp’s controls involve using the left mouse button for throwing insects and the right mouse button to catch sparks. The spacebar can also be used to change the color of the ball.
The players get ten points for exterminating an insect and can score extra by catching as many eggs when the field is being cleaned. Players can shoot the clock and catch it to slow down a row of insects. They can also shoot the bomb and catch it to exterminate more insects. The game can be played on classic mode or Quest mode with over 125 levels featuring animated graphics.