Bee Movie Game

Activision (Proprietary)

Bee Movie Game is a linear adventure game based on the DreamWorks animated film, Bee Movie. Developed by Beenox and published by Activision, the game features the bees’ adventure as they save their honey production through the Big Apple. The player takes on the role of a bee named Barry B. Benson who goes to different places and interacts with various characters as he fulfills a series of missions based on the film. During the course of the game, the player can accept various jobs, acquire new outfits and accessories for Barry, and play several arcade games. Some of the missions outside the city include terrorizing people, going through torrential storms, and pollinating flowers to name a few.

Bee Movie game features 21 missions that happen outside the beehive. Each mission is set in massive 3D environments that the player gets to explore. As Barry, the player protects itself from enemy wasps by shooting at them with a pollen gun. The gun can also be used to get pollen from healthy flowers and drop them on unhealthy ones, so that they can recover. The player must dodge dangerous implements while flying such as raindrops, shoes, and rolled-up newspapers. At the beginning of the game, the missions have to be played in chronological order, but the player can eventually play the rest of the missions whenever s/he wants.