Beauty Pilot 2.6.0

Two Pilots (Shareware)

Beauty Pilot is a program that enables users to enhance digital photographs. It has a set of tools that are particularly designed to bring out the best in portraits of women. It has an intuitive and friendly interface, so that those with limited skills in photo editing and manipulation will find the program easy to use. This application provides users with the ability to remove imperfections on skin, such as pimples, moles, red spots, blemishes, and warts.

To correct photos, users simply need to place the cursor on the spot or area where an imperfection is. Users can then move the mouse wheel or arrow keys to adjust the size of the cursor until it covers or is slightly larger than the size of the imperfection, and then press and move the circle over the spot until the imperfection is removed.

Beauty Pilot comes with a variety of tools divided into categories. One of the tools is called Elastic, which assists users in retouching body shapes. This tool is used to contract or expand selected areas such as the body line, and cheek contours. Users can adjust the brush size and smoothness as preferred. The other tools enable users to correct and change eye color, adjust the brightness and contrast, add formatted text, and rotate, resize, crop, and flip photos.