Beauty Of Nature Animated Wallpaper 1.0 (Freeware)

Beauty of Nature Animated Wallpaper is a program that changes the user’s wallpaper to a nature scenery that is animated. The application was first released in 2011. The wallpaper shows an autumn scene with a tree that has falling leaves. There are also small butterflies fluttering around. The bright orange colors of the leaves go well against the blue skies. The wallpaper allows users to have a relaxing atmosphere while doing other computer activities. The program is easy to install and does not clog up the system resources. Users can change their standard wallpaper to the animated wallpaper from the computer’s desktop settings.

Other main features of this wallpaper application are the following:

• The program comes with 3 beautiful nature scenes in 3D that can be changed from the computer’s settings
• 3D animation that looks like a realistic scene
• Comes with high quality effects and images
• Comes with uninstall support
• Simple and easy to set and configure even for those who are not computer savvy

Other animated wallpapers that come with the program include close-up shots of pink and yellow flowers basking under the sunshine. These flowers are surrounded by butterflies that flutter around the desktop. Users can also download a matching screensaver from the official website.