Acoustica (Shareware)

Beatcraft is a digital musical instrument developed by Acoustica and released on July 2006. This program is a digital drum machine enabling users to create realistic drum sounds and effects. The program features built-in drum sound templates that users may incorporate in their own drum sound creations. It also offers audio effects that users may add to their drum sounds. The program also includes audio looping and audio sequencing tools. It offers a variety of drumbeat styles spanning genres like heavy metal, jazz, straight rock and roll, hip-hop, rap, and electronica.

Beatcraft features an interactive user interface that enables users to add drumbeats and sounds using a drag-and-drop functionality. Users may utilize music tracks from several file formats as drum sounds. Supported file formats include WMA, MP3, OGG, and WAV. Users can also take advantage of advanced sound features like low-pass and high-pass resonant filters, reverse, audio choke, triplets, and rate changes, among others. Beatcraft also offers a Pattern Sequencer tool that enables users to control live looping and change beat tempo. The program also includes audio effects like delay, reverb, distortion, and flanger. It also offers support for third-party effects from programs like DirectX and VST. These effects may be applied on a track level scale and on a larger, more comprehensive scale. Users may create sound outputs in MP3, OGG, and WMA file formats as well.