Beat Hazard

Cold Beam Games (Proprietary)

Beat Hazard is a music driven arcade game which uses the player’s own music collection. Each song will have its own ebb and flow. A player will have to control a spaceship which is powered by the music.

The game has two game modes which are the single-song mode and the survival mode. Players must shoot enemy ships and dodge asteoids to stay alive. The number of asteroids and enemy ships are based on the intensity of the track. In the single-song game mode, players must try to survive through the whole span of the selected track. This mode also has four difficulty levels. In the survival mode,  players will have to select a track and try to survive until all of their lives are spent. The game also features four unique powerups: score multiplier, volume, power and super bomb. The score multiplier multiplies a player’s score for a short amount of time. It also increased whenever a player meets a specific goal. Volume amplifies the game’s visual effects and increases track volume. Power boosts the player’s spaceship firepower. Super bomb shoots out from the player spaceship and can hit surrounding enemies.

The game features boss ship enemies. To defeat a boss, players must destroy first the its guns then its wings. Killing a boss will reward the player a number of powerups.