MusicLab, LLC (Freeware)

BearShare is a peer-to-peer file sharing program that was initially released in 2000. Users can look for videos, audio files, photos, and more. All the tools are found in the program’s interface. It also comes with a player to use for previewing files before downloading them. The program also has a Discover tool. This can be used to browse content according to genre or mood. There more than 15 million free and legal audio and video files that are available for download on the BearShare network.

There are several tools and options on the BearShare interface. All the downloaded content can be found in ‘MyLibrary’. There is also an option to sync content with an iPod or any other Mp3 player. Other lists that can be found include top 25, recently downloaded items, and purchased content.

Aside from its file sharing capabilities, BearShare also supports social interaction among peers. Users can create user profiles and add contacts to their own buddy list. There is an instant messaging application that comes with the software so that users who share files over the network can communicate with each other easily. The instant messenger is integrated within the interface so there’s no need to open a separate window.