Be a King - Golden Empire 1

Rake in Grass (Shareware)

Be a King - Golden Empire is a fantasy strategy game that gives the player the opportunity to rule and defend a powerful empire. This game, set in Europe in the medieval times, provides numerous chances for the player to lead a kingdom that has fallen in ruin and despair after 30 years of war.

Be a King - Golden Empire is designed to challenge the player’s ability to protect the citizens of the territory. The game provides a number of options with which to defend the medieval kingdom from marauders and bandits such as the use of towers and barracks

The player has a number of tasks to accomplish, including:

• Providing food for the subjects of the kingdom
• Rebuilding the kingdom from the ravages of war
• Vanquish monsters that threaten the kingdom and its constituents
• Instill new-found hope in the hearts of the citizens
• There are three possible outcomes—gold, silver, or bronze trophy depending on the duration of time that the player completes the game.

Be a King - Golden Empire has more than levels and there are three degrees of difficulty. The game can be completed by the average player after a short period of time. One run through takes an average of three hours of play time.