BDtoAVCHD 1.8.5

Joel Gali (Freeware)

BDtoAVCHD is an application that creates AVCHD discs either from Blu-Ray or MKV files with the compressed output (4.7 GB or 8.5GB) burned into smaller-sized DVD5 or DVD9 still maintaining the same high-quality Blu-Ray content type (high definition 1080p). It also converts Blu-Ray to MKV and Blu-Ray 3D to MKV3D. The burned disc, without the use of codecs or other media splitters, is compatible with Blu-Ray players and PS3.

The application can calculate the video bitrate in filling up the DVD9 or DVD5 and maximize the disc’s total capacity.  When necessary, it converts audio (PCM to AC3, DTS-HD to DTS to DTS Core, etc.) accordingly.  If the computer supports it, the program re-compresses the video and monitors delays in the video’s audio tracks and places them to the final disc. The user can program multiple conversion projects and queue them for automatic execution.

Here are the other features of the application:

• Capable of extracting all the information of audio and video tracks including the format, language, and subtitles
• Automatically calculates the bitrate of videos
• Support for several types of output sizes
• Support for processing of multiple tasks by creating a queue
• Capable of converting audio to other formats whenever there is a need