BDInfo 0.5.8

Cinema Squid (Freeware)

BDInfo is an application that gives users the ability to collect the technical specifications of the audio and video aspects of Blu-ray discs. These include the file contents of the playlist, the details of the bitrate, the stream codec, and the size of the disc. Users will be able to view not only the full codec name but its bitrate, corresponding language, and other details as well.

Users need only specify the path to the disc or any folder on the hard disc for the program to be able to collect the necessary information. The application also lets users view the total length of the files in a Blu-ray disc as well as the estimated size. This gives users an idea of how much space is needed for backing up the files.

This application also allows users to generate reports from the collected specifications through the Report window. The information is saved to a file (external) so users can choose to analyze this when preferred. A text summary may be included with the report in addition to the stream technical specifications and other diagnostics.

Analysis of the Blu-ray discs also include mounted ISO files. With this application, users will be able to view the details of the subtitle, audio, and video streams, as well as the details of the graphics stream.