BCWipe Task Manager 6.04.1

Jetico, Inc. (Shareware)

BCWipe Task Manager is a utility program that enables users to erase files permanently from their computer’s hard drive. Contrary to common knowledge, files that are deleted normally are not completely erased from the computer’s hard disk. Every deleted data is still stored within the computer’s memory and are stored as trace files. These files can still be recovered by using specialized programs that retrieves the data and then reconstructs it to be accessed by a particular application. BCWipe Task Manager works by completely wiping every trace of the deleted file from the computer’s available memory in a manner that it will no longer be available for recovery. This program is primarily used by military intelligence, government agencies, national laboratories, libraries, universities, manufacturers, designers, legal services, and other institutions that handle large amounts of sensitive information. BCWipe Task Manager allows users to protect sensitive information from being stolen and accessed by unauthorized individuals. This program provides several deletion options: Wipe free disk space, Swap file wiping, Files slacks wiping, Directory entries wiping, and Full hard drive wiping.

BCWipe Task Manager features a simple user interface that has two main parts. The first part is the main control bar that contains buttons that execute actions within the program. These buttons allow users to add a task, delete a task, start, and stop a task, and view the program settings. The next part is the task list where users may view the pending and current deletion tasks. Users may select a task from the program’s deletion features.