BBC iPlayer Desktop

BBC (Freeware)

BBC iPlayer Desktop is an application that enables users to download their favorite BBC programs into their PC. This allows users to access their BBC programs even if they are offline. BBC or the British Broadcasting Corporation is a public service broadcasting company that operates in the United Kingdom mainland. BBC provides a variety of entertainment media such as television series, news programs, variety shows, and radio programs. Most of this content can be accessed in the BBC iPlayer Desktop website. BBC iPlayer Desktop downloads are only available in the UK and requires Adobe Air for the program to work. Adobe AIR is a type of a run-time environment.

Users can browse for BBC programs in the BBC iPlayer Desktop website. To download, users need to click the “add to download queue” button then the program will proceed to download the file. BBC iPlayer Desktop also has a built-in media player that allows users to play their selected BBC program. Users can play videos or listen to internet radio using the media player. The program website also has 30-day availability for its program content. This allows users to download the BBC programs that they missed. BBC iPlayer Desktop also tracks the user’s library to determine their most watched series and then suggests future episodes, which it can download automatically. The program displays its media content into those currently available and upcoming programs. The interface also provides an alphabetical list of programs.

In addition, BBC iPlayer Desktop allows users to allot hard disk space and an output directory for downloads. The program also has a Parental Guidance Control to filter programs with inappropriate content.