BB FlashBack Standard 3

Blueberry Consultants Ltd. (Shareware)

BB FlashBack Standard is an application used for creating screenshots of the computer’s desktop. The program is simple and easy to use even for novice computer users. It can be used to create presentations, demonstrations, and tutorials. Users are able to record the entire screen or select a region of the desktop to record. In addition, users can create a schedule for recording, which is handy for recording online streaming of videos and webinars that are scheduled. Recordings created with the application can be exported in a number of formats including QuickTime, GIF, WMA, Flash, and GIF.

Here are the other main features of the BB FlashBack Standard program:

• Support for publishing recorded content – With the program, users are able to publish their videos straight from the application’s interface. It supports different video-sharing sites.
• Video editing – In addition to its recording capability, users are also able to edit the videos after recording with the set of tools built-in to the program.
• Inserts – The program also comes with a set of objects that can be inserted into the video. These include watermarks, buttons, arrows, images, and even sounds.
• Support for hotkeys – Users can set hotkeys for basic commands of the application in order to make recording easier. Some of the commands that can be controlled with hotkeys include recording, opening the options menu, stopping the recording process, and pausing the recording.