Bau-Simulator 2012 Demo

Astragon Software GmbH (Shareware)

Bau-Simulator 2012 Demo is a program developed by Astragon Software GmbH. It is an application that enables users to become virtual construction workers. In the game, users get to experience how it is to work on different construction projects. Bau-Simulator 2012 Demo is also known as Construction Simulator 2012. It features two primary modes: building and digging. In building, users play the role of a builder for various construction projects. In digging mode, players get to control different construction vehicles. These include mini excavators, bulldozers, forklift, wheel loader, trucks, and trailers.

This simulator is easy to use, as it consists of instructional steps. Users are asked to use each of the vehicles to dig ditches, erect concrete walls, compact soil, transport tools and supplies, etc. There are missions to complete, which usually involve digging and building tasks. These tasks differ from elementary school to residential areas, and industrial places to ports.

Bau-Simulator 2012 Demo is designed with 3D graphical effects and high quality sound. The animation style creates a vivid, real-like environment. The game also features avatars and vehicles in the virtual environment. This demonstration version allows players to experience an hour of gameplay. This allows them to complete some of the game’s missions.