Rare (Proprietary)

Battletoads is a beat-em-up platformer game in which players advance by defeating their enemies and avoiding environmental hazards. In this game, two mutant toad warriors named Zitz and Rash go on a mission to defeat the Dark Queen and rescue their friends Princess Angelica and Pimple, who had both been kidnapped by the evil monarch. The story goes that the Battletoads and Professor T. Bird were escorting Princess Angelica to her home planet. Along the way, Pimple and Angelica board Pimple’s flying car for a leisurely ride were ambushed by the Gargantua, a ship belonging to the Dark Queen. Before they were captured, Pimple was able to send out a distress signal to the toads’ ship the Vulture.

Players are given three lives; the game is over when all of these are used up. Fighting and finishing off enemies can be done in various ways, including kicking with an enlarged boot, punching with an enlarged fist, or transforming into a huge wrecking ball and running enemies over. The game has 13 levels in which players get to face and fight the Dark Queen’s minions, namely Major Slaughter, Big Blag, and Robo Manus. In the final level, players have to face and defeat the Dark Queen herself and ultimately rescue Princess Angelica and Pimple.