Battleswarm: Field of Honor

Reality Gap Incorporated (Freeware)

Battleswarm: Field of Honor is a real-time strategy game. It is a first-person shooter, free-to-play game, but the game servers have been shut down since 2011. It features a war-torn planet in which humans engage in battles with a race of oversized bugs, hence the game’s title. It makes use of an unusual game play, in which there are two genres—first-person shooter and real-time strategy—are used head to head. The bugs are controlled by a real-time strategy player and the humans are played by first- and third-person shooters. It can be played on a player versus player mode, or on a player versus environment mode. There are other game types available.

If players choose the first-person mode in which they play humans, they will have to face swarms of gigantic bugs that are controlled by other players. Up to six players are allowed in a team. A vast arsenal of high-tech armor and weapons are available, and compete in missions against Alien Commanders who control the bugs.

Players who opt for real-time strategy assume the positions of Alien Commanders who are tasked to build their swarm’s hives, breed bug units, and manage their swarms in different battle missions in order to overwhelm the human soldiers. Players are given different bug breeds, each with its own set of deadly characteristics.