Battlestrike: Force of Resistance

City Interactive (Proprietary)

Battlestrike: Force of Resistance is a first-person shooter game set in World War II. It was developed by Jarhead games and has a variety of names in the different countries where it was published.   The game is set in Central Europe. In Central Europe, armed resistance is active against the Axis Powers. The main character, a British Commando, is tasked to infiltrate behind enemy lines and train the resistance forces in the war against the enemies. The game includes missions involving direct combat and stealth. The player participates in sabotage missions, robbery, and even in destroying missile headquarters.

Battlestrike: Force of Resistance features gears and military arms which reflect what were actually used in World War II. These include the Sten and the Winchester Gun. Players also combat in actual war locations. The game has a single-player campaign which has 8 levels in total. The player has to finish the level before proceeding to the next. Enemies are also employed with World War II weapons and combat tactics, such as the Luftwaffe. Additionally, the game allows players to interact with the environment; Objects can be moved, trees can used for stealth, and so on.

Battlestrike: Force of Resistance is developed using the Chrome Engine, a technology created by another video game company, Techland.