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Battleship SURFACE THUNDER is a PC game released in 2000. It is divided into two game modes, the classic battleship, and the arcade version. The Classic game is the usual battleship board game while the arcade mode is an expansion of the classic game but in the form of 20 battleship-themed, third-person shooting missions. Both games feature 3D graphics and animation, and the classic mode comes with a multiplayer option when connected to the Internet. Every arcade mission highlights a varying tactic where players can deploy their own battleships and bring down enemy convoys, free conquered ports, destroy shore guns, and defeat a rebel empire.

Players in the Classic mode will have five ships to choose from, ranging from a small PT boat to a large aircraft carrier, in order to do battle against an enemy fleet. Players will place their other ships secretly on the battle grid. Players will have to take turns shooting the enemy’s grid in order to sink the opponent’s ship. Ships will only sink when hit by a certain number of shots. The bigger the ship, the higher number of shots needed to take it down. In the arcade mode, players will sail while fighting a fleet of enemies. Players will have to blast emplacements, attack ship convoys, and test their wits and weapons against planes, submarines, and enemy ships. Power-up items include speed, health, and weapons.