Battlefield Vietnam

Digital Illusions CE (Shareware)

Battlefield Vietnam is the second installment in the Battlefield installment of games. It was released in 2004 in North America. The game is set during the Vietnam War. It offers different maps based on various historical settings like the Ho Chi Minh Trail, Ia Drang Valley, Fall of Saigon, Battle of Hue and others. The main objective in this FPS game is to take Control Points (a.k.a spawn points) that enables controllable vehicles and allies to spawn. The Spawn tickets play a vital role in defeating the opposing team. Players can choose from different factions including North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Viet-Cong and United States.

The game features a different gameplay than the other Battlefield games. It uses asymmetrical warfare gameplay to reflect the actual environment during the real Vietnam War. Asymmetrical warfare is a war between two opposing teams whose strategy and military sources differs significantly. As a result, the US and Vietnam forces have different vehicles and kits. For instance, the Vietnam force uses infantry tactics while the US force uses heavy vehicles in battle. Weapons and vehicles available in this game are based on the Vietnam War. There are also different contemporary concepts and weapons available including punji stick traps, AK47 assault rifle, M48 Patton, F-4 Phantom II, M551 Sheridan and more.