Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2

EA Digital Illusions CE AB (Proprietary)

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a video game published by EA Digital Illusions CE in 2010. This game is the direct sequel of the 2008 game, Battlefield: Bad Company. This game is a first-person shooter video game where players engage in ranged weapons combat in a first person perspective. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 allows players to simulate modern-day military combat with real-life tactics, weaponry, equipment, and vehicles. This game has two game modes: a single-player story campaign and an online multiplayer mode. The game’s multiplayer mode features five game types:

• Rush – players can win a round in two ways: one is to destroy all the opponent’s M-COMS, or defend their own M-COM stations until the attackers run out of respawn tickets.
• Squad Rush – this type is similar to Rush but only includes two squads: one attacking and the other defending.
• Conquest – in this type, players must capture an opponent’s flag and defend it as long as possible. The capture-and-defend cycle repeats until the players lose their respawn tickets.
• Onslaught – players get to task one to four-player squads to capture certain areas in the map, letting the team advance. The round is won once the squad captures all the points.
• Squad Deathmatch – this type includes four squads that are fighting against each other. The team that gets to reach fifty kills first, wins the round.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 features a variety of weapons such as assault rifles, machine guns, pistols, and grenades. Weapons can be equipped with telescopic sights, reflex sights, or iron sights allowing the player to zoom in their target for added accuracy. This game also allows the player to control vehicles such as All-Terrain Vehicles, Armored Personnel Carriers, Tanks, and Helicopters. Each vehicle has its own defensive and attack capabilities. In Multiplayer mode, players can earn experience points by winning rounds and killing opponents, which can be used to unlock unique weapons and vehicles.

In the game’s single-player campaign, players take control of Private Preston Marlowe of the United States Army. Private Marlowe is part of a misfit company known as “Bad Company” that is tasked to retrieve a scalar weapon that was first developed by the Japanese Army during World War II. The squad is comprised of soldiers with varying combat skills: a team leader, a technician, and a demolitions expert.