Battlefield 2 Special Forces

Digital Illusions CE (Proprietary)

Battlefield 2: Special Forces is the first expansion pack of the game, Battlefield 2, which was developed by Digital Illusions CE Canada. Shortly before the release of Battlefield 2, Special Forces was already being conceptualized. To enhance the action-packed Battlefield 2, Special Forces is geared toward infantry-based combat instead of the original game’s vehicle-oriented combat. Players also gain access to an elite troop battle involving more covert weapons such as gas masks and night vision goggles and sneaky techniques as well. The elite troops sport black uniforms and balaclava helmets. In addition, the settings of the battles include the Middle East and the former USSR as opposed to Asia and the Middle East in the original game. As a result, players can set the US Navy SEALS, British SAS, and Russian Spetsnaz against one another.

Battlefield 2: Special Forces features eight new maps and ten additional combat vehicles. Two of the maps are set in darkness, which provides more challenge to players and requires the use of stealth equipment. With the SAS character, the player can make use of zip-lines in order to traverse the area easily. Another two of the eight maps are set on water, so players can make use of the amphibious personnel carrier and Jet Ski, which are new to the game. Players can also earn more medals and badges in Battlefield 2: Special Forces.