Battle of Britain II

Shockwave Productions,Inc. (Proprietary)

Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory is a flight simulation and strategy game developed by the company, Shockwave Productions. The game is set during World War II and recreates the aerial combat in the Battle of Britain. In strategy mode, the player takes on the role of an air commander who is in charge of either the British Royal Air Force of RAF or German Luftwaffe. Some of the combat jets that can be used on the RAF side are the Hurricane and Spitfire, while the Luftwaffe uses Me-109 and the dive-bombing Ju-87 Stuka. The specifications and performance of each plane are shown in a comprehensive series of charts in the manual.

Battle of Britain II can also be played in flight simulator mode wherein the player takes on the role of a flight simulator pilot. The two modes – strategy and flight simulator – can be combined as well. The backdrop details attempt to relive the atmosphere of the period with military forces on the ground, radio traffic, and AA fire. The planes even sport grease stains, chipped paint, and powder burns to make their appearance more realistic. Apart from assuming the role of the pilot of the chosen warplane, the player can also be a gunner on one of the German bombers.