Battle Los Angeles

Saber Interactive (Proprietary)

Battle Los Angeles is a sci-fi first-person shooter video game developed by the company, Saber Interactive and published by the Valve Corporation. It is adapted from the eponymous Jonathan Liebesman film released in 2011. The player assumes the role of the film’s main character, Corporal Lee Imlay who is on a marine on a mission to hunt down and obliterate the evil alien forces taking over the state of Los Angeles. In the Campaign mode, the player goes around the ruins of the wrecked city along with a small squad to search for aliens and kill them, while surviving their attack at the same time.

The game offers players with four types of weapons to use: an M-16 rifle, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, and grenades. When players run out of bullets, they can pick up ammunition crates that are scattered all over the city. Several cut scenes are featured in this game to provide the right atmosphere for the alien encounters. Completing the game in all three difficulty levels rewards the player with several film-related videos and goodies. Whenever the player kills an enemy or a group of enemies, the background turns grey and movement slows down. The entire game lasts just under an hour.