Battle Isle 3

Blue Byte Software (Proprietary)

Battle Isle 3 is a turn-based strategy game developed by Blue Byte Software as the third installment to its Battle Isle game series. This game was released on September 1995. It is a tactical planning game set in the fictional planet called Chromos. This planet is inhabited by humans with slightly advanced technological knowledge than the present-day Earth. This planet features robots, AIs, and can even execute limited space flight. This game features single player and multiplayer game modes. The single player campaign is composed of 40 missions. There are 12 maps comprising the multiplayer game mode. The game supports as many as 6 LAN players for multiplayer game mode.  

Battle Isle 3 is played on a hexagonal grid map. However, this game features 20 different map configurations. Players may control combat units including bombers, fighter planes, helicopters, armored trains, submarines, and even surface warships. Not only that, players may also control logistic units including fuel and ammo transports, road vehicles, and scout units. Players may also take control of buildings for unit repairs and ammo production. The game environment is affected by weather changes including freezing of rivers, or hale.

Battle Isle 3 is a variant of Battle Isle 2 released in CD form and playable on Windows. The first two games of the series are playable in Amiga and DOS.