Battle Group 1

Bane Games (Freeware)

Battle Group naval warfare top-down scrolling shooter game developed and published by the company, Bane Games. The plot is set in the distant future wherein players assume the roles of fleet commanders exploring the high seas to fight deadly and heavily armed pirates. A group of countries has pooled their respective naval forces to put a stop to the threat. Players have a bevy of weapons, which includes anti-air missiles, jump jet interceptors, and heavy-duty naval guns at their disposal. Strategy is required to elude enemy fire and take them down without hitting friendly targets.

At the beginning of the game, players have access to just one ship, but new ones are unlocked as the game progresses. Each mission kicks off with the player’s choice of flagship and support vessel. Players rely on the flagships to do most of the fighting, but let the support vessels handle specific types of enemies and concentrated gunfire. While weapons have an unlimited supply of ammunition, players have to wait for them to reload and cool down. The game offers eight kinds of ships to choose from, all of which can be upgraded twice. If players kill many pirates and do well on the missions, they gain experience points and special features like better ship defense and faster weapon reloading.