Filipe Lourenço (Freeware)

BatteryCare is an application that optimizes the performance of a laptop’s battery. The program has a small interface that provides basic information and detailed information about the battery. The basic information includes the current battery capacity, remaining time for the battery, and battery status. Detailed information includes the model, designed capacity, discharge rate, tension, and wear level.

The application continuously monitors the temperature of the CPU and the hard drive to make sure that the computer is running well. In addition, the program provides accurate readings of the discharge cycle. When a certain number of discharge cycles are reached, the application alerts the user to completely discharge the battery before recharging again. Users can also create their own power plan, depending on the power source (battery or power supply). When the laptop is running on batteries, the application automatically stops the services on the computer that consume a lot of the battery’s life. When the laptop is connected to a power supply, the services are enabled once again.

BatteryCare provides information about the battery in the form of pop ups. Some of the notifications that appear are temperature, remaining time, power plan, and the charge status. The program is capable of downloading updates whenever the computer is connected to the Internet.