Battery Doubler 1.2.1

Dachshund Software (Shareware)

Battery Doubler is a laptop battery optimization software. It is a program developed by Dachshund Software and released on April 2003. This program enables users to minimize the consumption of their laptop batteries and maximize the time that the laptop is powered by the battery. Instead of the standard energy saving techniques utilized by other battery saving programs like minimizing screen brightness, Battery Doubler utilizes a more targeted approach.

Battery Doubler employs a different technique in saving a laptop’s battery life. Instead of the usual standards, this program targets non-essential programs, as well as hardware, and closes them down. For example, USB ports are turned off, when there is no connected device, to minimize the power consumption of the laptop. Battery Doubler also features a re-calibration wizard. This allows the user to recalibrate the performance of the battery by monitoring the discharge time, as well as the recharge process. Unmonitored discharge and recharge processes reduces the battery performance over time. With Battery Doubler’s re-calibration wizard, this process is fully automated.

Battery Doubler user interface features a Status dialog box. The top panel shows the Remaining Battery power. A color-coded battery status bar is shown just below the top panel. The bottom panel provides the user some information regarding the program including whether the Battery Doubler is enabled or not, the current Power Source (battery or AC), the total battery life, and the remaining battery life.