BatchPhoto 3.6

Bits&Coffee (Shareware)

BatchPhoto is a photo editing application geared towards both beginners and professionals. The application consists of several tools for photo manipulation, conversion, and management. For basic functions, the program offers photo resizing, color replacement, automatic rotation, cropping, and rotation by inputting a specific number in degrees. The software also offers touch-up tools for changing the contrast, color balance, and brightness of an image. Aside from photo manipulation, users can add effects to photos including solarize, black & white, charcoal, sepia, and emboss. Other added functionalities include:

• Batch Processing – The batch processing tool enables users to process hundreds of images and photos simultaneously to save time.
• Image File Format Conversion – The software supports over 150 image file formats including BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, and TIFF.
• Upload to Facebook – BatchPhoto allows users to upload edited images from the library directly to Facebook without having to open a web browser window.
• Predefined Profiles – The program comes with built-in profiles so users do not have to tweak settings for conversion and editing.
• Convert to PDF – The built-in PDF converter allows users to make PDF albums from photos so that they can be easier to share online or through email.