Batch Watermark Creator

Easy Tools (Shareware)

Released by Easy Tools, Batch Watermark Creator is a watermarking tool that allows users to protect pictures and other images by adding text and other identifying marks to the files. When people capture images, these are essentially considered their personal property. It is their option to share or sell these images but when uploaded online, these can easily be used without their consent. This is where the Batch Watermark Creator software helps. It allows users to put identifiable marks on the images that they upload making it easier to protect the images that become a part of the World Wide Web.

The main purpose of the Batch Watermark Creator program is to prevent any unauthorized use or duplication of Internet-uploaded pictures and images. It allows users to add texts or logos to their pictures ensuring that other online visitors are limited when it comes to the use of these files. Aside from the watermarking applications, the program also makes use of a simple and efficient interface. Users can edit the images before watermarking them. There is a built-in image editor for this purpose. Users can then look at a preview of the images and use a template editor to design their watermarks.