Batch Image Resizer 2.88

JKLNSOFT (Shareware)

Developed by JKLNSOFT, Batch Image Resizer does exactly what the program’s name says. It is a fast, clean, and light image resizer for those with large photo collections. The program is relatively simple, with its developers stating that users can resize a large volume of images in just four steps. Its interface is easy to understand for advanced and novice users alike. Directories are displayed on the left hand side, selected photos to be resized on the upper right, and settings and commands on the bottom. First-time users of the application will appreciate the user interface and its ease of use.

The application supports a variety of image file types, including JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIF, PNG, and PCX. JKLNSOFT Batch Image Resizer also includes features such as image rotation, stamp and conversion. A photo comment tool is also integrated into the application for taking down notes on certain images. To resize images, the user simply has to navigate to the “Batch Directory” located on the left side of the interface. Once the user has selected a directory, the top right corner will display all the images that are in the selected directory. The user then selects from these images and the filenames of those images are displayed in the center right portion of the interface for verification. After these steps, it is now simply a matter of configuring the desired output settings for file type, filename prefix and numbering, the desired dimensions to be resized to, image rotation and, text stamp.