Bat To Exe Converter

Fatih Kodak (Freeware)

Bat to Exe Converter is designed to convert batch files into executable files. Within this application the user can select the batch file to be converted. Users can also include additional binaries, change the icon of the file, and add details like the file version, version history, copyright, company, and so on. Once a batch file is converted into an executable file, the source file will be inaccessible to others who will try to open the user’s scripts. The program does this by creating ghost applications that serve to hide the source file from other users.

Converting a .bat to an .exe is usually called for when any of the following takes place:

• The user aims to pin executable files to the Windows taskbar, which cannot be done with batch files
• The user wants to prevent other users from viewing or tampering with his or her batch files. The other users are prevented from viewing and changing the code after the compiler has encrypted it. Actions carried out by the script will remain concealed. In addition, Bat to Exe Converter has a feature that can run scripts in the background without letting the batch file appear on the console window.
• The user’s script has to rely on a number of other files that need to be added to an executable file.