Bitoon (Freeware)

Basketdudes is an online video game where players can play basketball online. It is played over the Internet against other players from around the world. In this game, the player forms a basketball team. This team is used to play against other teams in various matches over the Internet. Also, the player guides the team in participating in official matches. Over time, the team accumulates points. Soon, additional players can be signed to the team. Also, the basketball team can be improved by gaining experiences. This can let the player improved a variety of important skills in the game:

• Shot Skills - Improving in this skill enables the player to score points precisely. Shooting in various areas in the game can be awarded with either 2 or 3 points. Free throws are performed when the opposing team commits a foul.
• Offensive Skills - Improving in this skill enables the player to move closer in the game's basket. These include the skills of dribbling and passing.
• Defensive Skills - Improving in this area enables the player to defend while the ball is in the opposing team. The skill set for this particular category are steals, rebounds, and block.

Other skills can also be improved, such as speed, stamina, and teamwork.

Basketdudes has around 30 levels. After every level, the player gains access to items that can be unlocked. Additionally, there is the ability to form personal tournaments. People playing the game can trade players from other teams.