SoftMaker Software GmbH (Proprietary)

SoftMaker BasicMaker is a programming environment that enables users to compose and execute scripts written using the programming language SoftMaker Basic. SoftMaker Basic is a scripting program package that is modeled after Microsoft’s Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), which is a programming language used in developing Microsoft applications. BasicMaker enables users to control VBA compatible programs such as TextMaker and PlanMaker. TextMaker is a word processor program included in the SoftMaker package while PlanMaker is a spreadsheet program similar to Microsoft Excel. BasicMaker produces files with a .BAS or .TXT format.

BasicMaker contains various features. First is the Script Editor, which allows users to create or edit SoftMaker Basic scripts. This feature allows users to perform basic character editing commands such as cut, copy, paste, and delete. Another part of BasicMaker is the Interpreter, which facilitates the execution of scripts created in the Script Editor. Users can also use this feature in TextMaker or PlanMaker. The next feature contains the Debugger, which tests the scripts that are integrated in the Script Editor. This feature enables users to inspect the script elements and variables for errors. Last is the Graphical Dialog Editor. This feature allows users to create dialog boxes, which can be used by other users to interact with created scripts.