Basic Inventory Control 5.0

Microguru Corporation (Shareware)

Basic Inventory Control is a business program that allows users to manage their inventory. Users can input their entire inventory in the program and keep track of those that need to be ordered. It has a simple user interface, which makes it ideal to use for novice computer users. Different sections of the program are located on the left panel of the main window. Some of these include New Transaction, Product List Maintenance, Inventory, Transactions, and Lookup Product.

Under the Preferences window, users can change settings for transactions, data format, and field names. Inventory information can also be imported to the application from other programs, such as Microsoft Excel and data can be saved in Excel format as well.

Here are the other main features of the Basic Inventory Control application:
• Suitable for single users and multiple users
• Can automatically create a product list of items that need to be reordered or re-stocked
• Program saves a transaction history that can be filtered in different ways (product, account, date, transaction) according to the user’s preferences
• Inventory product view can be filtered by level, product name or by group
• Users can track inventory actions, such as shipping, allocating, shrinkage, ordering, and receipt printing for transactions