GARMIN Corp. (Freeware)

BaseCamp is a graphic tool that is used as a guide in traveling or finding directions. This application enables users to plan routes, view maps, mark tracks, and recognize waypoints from a GPS device. Users can search different address locations, public land areas and point of destinations by using the view feature of the application. Aside from using the view feature, users can download BirdsEye imagery for additional support. The application can print the output map for tracking profiles and driving directions. BaseCamp can be used in sharing information like waypoint symbols with other users through selected compatible devices. The system requirement for the application is Intel based Mac operating system with a 10.6 version or higher. The program requires 1024 MB RAM memory for normal performance and 2048 MB RAM for optimum performance.

BaseCamp has 2D and 3D features in displaying maps, which can be viewed using Google Map Earth. These features are more detailed because it shows elevation segments and contour lines. The user can navigate with 3D graphic and workable angle display. Upon navigating, displayed topographic area in the map can be tagged with a photo to serve as reference point. With this process, users can playback routes and tracks. The software processes the data from computer then transfer into personal device or gadget.