Baseball Mogul 2012

Sports Mogul Inc. (Shareware)

Baseball Mogul 2012 is a simulation game that lets players assume the role of a baseball team’s General Manager. Players are given control over every aspect of team management, such as drafting team players, signing up free agents, managing budgets, and handling disputes. Players can choose a team in any season spanning the years 1900 to 2012. They can also create their own fictional league. The game provides detailed ratings and statistics for over 17,000 real players. The game is equipped with a physics engine that plays out a baseball game realistically, and renders every pitch with complete accuracy.

In this simulation game, players are tasked to build the best lineup of baseball players for their team in order to make it to the World Series and win the championships. To do this, players (as General Managers) must be able to make complex trades, negotiate with agents, and make sure all contracts are handled well. Players must also manage the team’s finances and ensure that the team does not go bankrupt. To raise revenue for the team, managers can set the price of concessions and game tickets and sell broadcast rights.

As General Manager, players of Baseball Mogul 2012 set the batting order, pitching rotation, and starting defense for their team. They can also take control of their baseball team’s players individually, such as choosing what kind of pitch to throw next.