Bascom AVR

MCS Electronics (Shareware)

Bascom AVR is a development program that can transform a BASIC programming code into another. BASIC is a programming language that is designed for beginners in programming. The word "Bascom" is technically formed by combining the phrase "BASIC compiler", which the program technically does - collect the code programmed in BASIC and then interpret it to be easier to understand. The end result is usually a software designed to do a specific application. The development program is designed for AVR microcontrollers. AVR is a microcontroller with a flash chip memory. The end result program can work with the majority of AVR microprocessors. The only requirement is that the microprocessor has to have an internal memory.

Bascom AVR has an organized process of writing a computer program with conditional statements. Conditional statement is the way the program creates action depending on what condition the code has specified. The development environment also has labels. These labels can be up to 32 characters long. The program's editor features highlighting of statements. Also, it has a datasheet viewer for PDF in case the user wants to view it in PDF. Furthermore, the program can act as a terminal emulator. It is a function that is integrated with the software. This means the code can be tested within the program itself. This can be done if the supposed end-program of the code does not allow it to run in within the computer environment it is tested with.