Blue Tongue Entertainment (Proprietary)

Barnyard is party video game based on an animated movie with the same name. A party game is a kind of video game with a lot of mini games in it. It is designed to be played with multiple players. The player chooses either a male or female cow at the start of the game. It can be customized with a selection of different colors of fur. After that, missions can be played. The player can get missions from various characters within the game. Sometimes, the missions are received through the cow's mobile phone. Most of the game's starting missions can be completed within the barnyard. In one of the mid-missions, the cow obtains the barnyard keys. At that point, missions can be obtained outside the barnyard. Various parts of the neighborhood can be explored through the use of a bicycle. After sometime, the game turns to sandbox mode. In this mode, the player can now freely explore the game's environment.

In Barnyard, there is a concept of night and day. The time of the day restricts the missions that can be played. There are also missions wherein the player has to wait for the night (or day) to complete the missions.

Barnyard the game’s plot is not based on the same movie. However, later scenes and missions reflect those that happen in the movie. The game has the same graphics as the movie’s visuals.