Barcode Studio

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Barcode Studio has one primary purpose and that is to generate barcodes. This utility is designed for the use of professionals who intend to produce barcodes that are clean and clearly laid out. This application gives the user the chance to select from a few barcode template options. This tool can produce outputs of very high clarity with excellent image quality.

Barcode Studio is a useful tool that gives the user the means to do implement the following functions:
• Specification of barcode data
• Conversion of data to a hexadecimal numeral
• Selection of size and resolution as well as transparency and color of the barcode
• Customization of the following text parameters: alignment, font, color

Barcode Studio also has a few advanced features including options for encoding mode, as well as customization of the barcode height and width. Barcode Studio also contains controls for embedding or logos made from uploaded images, barcode printing, and exportation of the barcode to various file formats. Some of the formats supported are PNG, GIF, BMP, PDF and JPG.

This utility is also capable of barcode analysis. The system can examine a barcode and determine, based on resolution, deviation, and quality, whether it is valid or not. Barcode Studio has also been tested and the procedures it implements have been found to be error-free.