Barbie(R) Pet Rescue

HotGen Studios (Proprietary)

Barbie(R) Pet Rescue is a game that lets players go on search and rescue missions for different animals such as bunnies, puppies, and kittens. The game is also known as Barbie Pet Patrol in the U.K. This game empowers players to find missing pets and take care for them until they are nurtured back to health. Barbie is a volunteer at the Pet Rescue Center in the community of Green Arbor. The people of the community call up the center to report missing pets. Together with her sister Stacie, Barbie must explore the different parts of the neighborhood to find the lost pets and bring them back to the center for proper care.

The Pet Rescue Center has a computer where the records of each animal are kept, as well as a checkup room where the animals are treated and fed. This is also where animals are bathed and given their vitamins and water. There are also several playrooms where players can interact with the animals and play games with them, such as Turtle Race, Puppy Treat Toss, Bunny Hop, Hamster Trail, and Kitten Keep Away.

The game has a simple point-and-click icon interface and provides players with hints if they are unsure of what to do next. Players can also make use of various tools in the different locations in the community in order to capture or rescue animals.