Barbie as the Island Princess

Mattel, Inc. (Freeware)

Barbie as The Island Princess is a game for one player or multiple players that is made up of a series of mini-games. The characters, musical score, and scenes features in the game are derived from the direct-to-DVD movie of the same name. Familiar and beloved characters such as Azul, Sagi, Tallulah, Tika, Prince Antonio, Princess Luciana, and Barbie herself as Rosella will usher in players in an adventurous island romp. Fans of the feature film will be delighted to find movie footages integrated in the game.

A “party-style” storyline awaits the player of Barbie as The Island Princess. The player embarks on an exciting adventure as the shipwrecked princess Rosella (Barbie), rescued by animals that live in a tropical island. One day, a dashing prince from a castle along the coast arrives at the island and rescues Rosella.

The game takes the player to fun-filled challenges at amazing locations such as the Apollonian Castle, Deserted Island, Harbor Village, the Greenhouse, and the Royal Ship. The game play essentially involves completion of one mini-game after another. Since it is a game adaptation of the movie, the flow follows the plot and is somewhat predictable. Nevertheless, there are a few surprises that await players. They can aspire to unlock additional footages from the movie as well as new dresses and special characters.