Banner Generator Pro 2.0

Banner Generator Pro (Shareware)

Banner Generator Pro is an application that allows users to create professional-looking banners easily. The program can be used for adding banners to personal or company websites. The application was developed with novice computer users in mind, so it is easy to use. On the main user interface, users can find four tabs – Size, Background, Forms, and Animations. There are settings for each category that users can tweak when a tab is selected.

• Size – Under this tab, users can change the size of the banner by selecting one of the available sizes on the drop down menu. Users can also create a custom size with the sliders. A preview of the banner will be displayed at the bottom part of the window.
• Background – Users can choose a single color or two colors for the background. There are also settings for adding images and borders to the banner.
• Forms – Under this tab, users can add text to the banner or add an image. The size of the image can be customized as well. The banner at the bottom of the window displays what the banner will look like with the chosen settings.
• Animations – With the available animations, users can make their banners more interesting. Users can change the animation color, as well as the type of animation to use including blinds, crush, circles, checkerboard, and many others.