Banglalion WiMAX Connection Manager

Banglalion (Shareware)

Banglalion WiMAX Connection Manager is a tool developed by Accton Wireless Broadband Corp to support broadband Internet services that Banglalion provide to residential and commercial users in Bangladesh. This broadband system uses the Wireless Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) technology. This permits for as fast as 2mbps Internet speed even for a wireless mobile connectivity.

There are four major uses of WiMAX namely:

• As an alternative to cable and DSL for broadband access;
• To provide data and telecommunication services;
• To provide portable connectivity.

Bangalion offers two types of devices considering the requirements of users: one is a USB Modem and the other is an Indoor Modem. The USB Modem is a plug and play device, small enough to be easily transported and without requiring additional power. The indoor modem is relatively bigger in terms of size, is equipped with a Wi-Fi router, and has greater performance stability due to its robust structure.

Banglalion WiMAX Connection Manager is a tool needed for these two types of devices for the connection to start. This program prompts you to enter account username and password for security reasons. Another feature allows the user to deselect the “Autorun” and “Automaticaly update” commands. Most importantly, Banglalion WiMAX Connection Manager permits its users to monitor the Internet connection speed. Under the statistics tab, if the CINR value is greater than 12, then the signal quality is very good for the network connection.