Bandzip 2.07 (Freeware)

Bandzip is a file archiver that is capable of handling the most popular compression formats, such as Zip, TAR, EXE, RAR, ISO, and more. The program supports drag and drop function and has a high speed archiving procedure. It also supports multi-compression function. The program’s interface consists of all the buttons needed for archiving tasks. All the buttons are displayed at the top portion of the window. These are Open, Extract, New, Add, Delete, Test, and Columns.

The bottom part of the window has two parts. The right pane shows the compressed file and the folders and files that are contained inside. The main window shows the name of the folders and other information, such as the compressed file size and the original file size. Bandzip supports Unicode. This means that international characters are displayed on filenames and archived folders. Users are also able to create encrypted archives using the program.

Here are other features of the application:
• Completely free
• Create self-extracting archives
• Create multi-volume or split archives
• Support for previewing archives
• Extract multiple zip files

Bandzip is integrated into Windows and users can automatically extract archived files by right clicking on an archive and selecting ‘Extract Automatically’ from the drop down menu.