Bandwidth Meter Pro 2.6


Bandwidth Meter Pro is a network application that enables users to monitor bandwidth consumption, set notifications, and compose reports on it. It is developed by the company, and is recommended to users who tend to use up network bandwidth due to frequent and large downloads. As soon as this program is installed, its icon is placed in the system tray, which displays all ongoing connections with their real-time download and upload speeds presented in numeric and graphic formats. Since it runs as a system service, it keeps track of bandwidth usage and automatically generates traffic reports without the need for the user to log on.

Bandwidth Meter Pro offers a broad array of configuration options, which can be accessed through the context menu. Reports can be generated on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, after which they can be exported by the user to formats such as CSV, HTML, or TXT. This program also lets users test connections through a chosen adapter, record and save traffic rates for future reference, and use a built-tin stopwatch. Elements of the viewing mode such as show title, time grid, and IP address can also be customized. The Options screen enables users to change the date format, set text and graph colors as well as turn on notifications.