BandMaster Online!

Piper Studio (Shareware)

BandMaster Online is an online music game that lets users play the game accompanied by an instrument. Players from around the world can play the game at the same time. They can choose their own instruments and play on a stage. There are different game modes. The Practice Mode allows players to warm up and test their skills to get ready for the real game. SOS mode lets players play with other friends. In Concert Mode, players can play in groups of three. Each player can have one instrument. Versus mode lets players battle it out against four other players. There is also a unique mode called “Shutter Battle Mode”. It is similar to Player versus Player mode in other games. Players are tasked to wipe off the other players in the concert to win. Another mode is the Community Mode where players can meet and interact with other online players.

There are six instruments available in BandMaster Online. The guitar is the game’s star tool. While it is not complicated to play, it can be the arsenal that can let players shine in any concert in the game. Other instruments in the game are the bass, drums, synthesizer, piano, and brass. A unique feature of the game is the “Band System”. It is similar to player guilds in other games where players group together to form a sort of club inside the game. Band System lets players create their own rock band within the game. Playing in concerts will increase the band’s BP (Band Points). Forming a band is easy. Simply go to Joe Ivans, the band manager, at the Rank Center.