Banana Bugs

PopCap Games (Shareware)

Banana Bugs is an action-arcade game that tasks players to protect their monkey village’s food supply by defeating the bugs that attempt to eat them. In this game, players assume the role of a monkey who is the only one who is brave enough to fight off the bugs that threaten to ravage Monkeytown’s banana supply. Without the bananas, the whole town would starve, so it is up to the players to do something about the situation. The bugs that players face include hornets, ants, and dragonflies.

To stop the bugs and prevent them from passing through, players shoot arrows or and ropes. The mouse is used to control the monkey’s movement from left to right, and clicking the left mouse button makes the monkey shoot arrows. Players can switch between vertical and horizontal shooting by clicking the right mouse button. Players must be able to fill in the correct proportion of the board in order to meet the goal of the level.

Players earn bananas that can help them upgrade structures in Monkeytown and add new buildings. Along the way, they can also unlock power-ups to help them fend off the bugs. Power-ups include Hurricane, Battle Monkeys, and Coco Bombs. There are 470 levels to accomplish in the game. There are also minigames that may be played.