Bamboo Dock

Wacom (Freeware)

Bamboo Dock is a free software application made available for Wacom product users. It enables users to easily manage the selection, downloading, installation, and access of their Bamboo Minis. Bamboo Minis are miniature software applications used to launch and test Wacom products in different methods. They are created by independent developers or by developers from Wacom itself. These Minis range from applications used for entertainment such as games and multi-media, to interactive learning and commercial applications.

The Bamboo Dock and Bamboo Minis utilize the “Pen-and-Touch” interface for its applications and are run on the Adobe Flash Platform. Adobe Flash is a multi-media tool used to add animation, video, and interactivity to Web pages. Bamboo dock is also designed to allow users to share their own created Minis to other Bamboo Dock users. Once a user has finished making a Mini, it may be submitted to Wacom for review. If a user’s designed Bamboo Mini meets the required acceptance criteria, it will be published and made available for other users worldwide. The Review for a Bamboo Mini takes five working days. Developers may promote their Minis free or they may endorse it as a paid service. Bamboo Minis are made available for download from the Wacom website and is subject to a License Agreement.