Mitchell Corporation (Proprietary)

Ballistic is strategy puzzle game developed by the company, Mitchell Corporation. In this game, the player must shoot balls of various colors toward a spiral line of balls with the goal of eliminating them from the puzzle. The player is supposed to aim a shooting ball to another ball with the same color in order to clear it from the line. The “enemy” balls are scattered in a spiral formation around the player’s cannon and they slowly approach the center to blast the turret. If this happens, the game is over. To prevent this from happening, the player must shoot long chains and remove large numbers of balls at the same time. The game offers different power-ups, which help the player get rid of as many balls as possible. These power-ups includes a “bomb”, which blows up balls of the same color completely, and a “snail”, which slows down the movement of the enemy balls.

The game offers two playing modes: panic mode and stage mode. In the panic mode, the player must eliminate an endless string of balls and keep up with an increasing difficulty level. On the other hand, the stage mode requires the player to shoot limited strings of balls that are set in various formats – some stages feature different spirals and others contain power-ups. For added challenge, players can take on the link mode or two-player mode.